TYREPROBE - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)  
TyreProbe is a ready-to-fit TPMS kit. The kit includes a set of four tyre pressure sensors and a sleek digital display unit powered by the car’s cigarette lighter socket. The sensors are fastened inside your tyres* by means of specially designed fasteners, and the display unit can be mounted on your dashboard. The display unit continuously displays the pressure and temperature of your tyres*. When the system detects any abnormal temperature or pressure, an audio-visual alert is generated to warn the driver. The threshold temperature and pressure limits can be programmed into the display, depending on the tyre pressure recommended for your vehicle.
A. Wireless Receiver and Display Unit 1
B. Velcro sticker set 1
C. Power Cable 1
D. Wireless Transmitter Sensor 4
E. TPMS Tyre Valves 4
F. Nylok screws 4
  * Your vehicle must be fitted with tubeless tyres for one to be able to install TyreProbe.  
SAFETY: TPMS is primarily a vehicle safety device. Improper tyre pressure can lead to tyre bursts and, consequently, to the loss of vehicle control. According to estimates, 250,000 accidents occur each year in the United States alone due to low tyre pressure. With increasing speeds on Indian highways, accidents due to tyre bursts are on the rise. Some high speed expressways in India are particularly notorious for tyre bursts and related accidents.

FUEL EFFICIENCY: TPMS enables you to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Maintaining correct tyre pressure at all times is important in optimizing the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. As a thumb rule, it has been found that with every 3 psi drop in tyre pressure, fuel efficiency drops by 2-3%. The German tyre manufacturer Continental found that if all tyres on the road were to be correctly inflated, the savings would amount to 700 million litres of fuel each year in the European Union alone!
TYRE LIFE: The life of your tyres is significantly influenced by tyre pressure. Incorrect tyre pressure can reduce your tyre’s life by as much as 50%! TyreProbe helps you reduce your vehicle’s maintenance cost by increasing your tyre’s life. Even a single set of tyres saved means big savings!
PUNCTURE ALERTS: Tubeless tyres lose pressure slowly. TyreProbe can detect leakages of air from your tyres, thus ensuring that you are warned well in advance to prepare for a flat tire.
REDUCED EMISSIONS: Correct tyre pressure at all times means your vehicle burns less fuel and hence generates lower emissions. TyreProbe helps you to contribute towards saving the environment.
COMFORT AND RIDE: The ride quality of your vehicle depends heavily on tyre pressure. Correct tyre pressure leads to optimum ride quality and comfort.
IMPROVED SUSPENSION LIFE: Improper tyre pressure can lead to early wearing out and failure of the suspension elements of your vehicle. Correct tyre pressure at all times means better suspension life and lower maintenance costs.
  In short, TyreProbe not only improves your safety but also reduces the operation and maintenance cost of your vehicle. It is the only automotive accessory that pays you back!! Depending on the type of vehicle and the usage pattern, your payback period could be as low as 12 months*!! Secure your vehicle with TyreProbe today!  
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